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Connect to the intuitive wisdom of your wild nature while exploring the depths of your feminine matrix in this 8 week embodiment journey.

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Next journey begins Sunday, April 3rd 
Will you be joining us?!

The intention of this journey is to support women into an alchemical relationship with their bodies by connecting to their ROOTS & RISING into connection with their divine feminine nature.

Utilizing the medicine of touch, voice & movement, our prayer is to activate the awakening of the unique medicine within the bodies of each & every woman on this journey.

The root is the base of a woman's power & is the portal to your Feminine magic. When you are connected with your root & energy is able to flow freely, it provides a felt sense of safety & confidence within.

If your root is physically holding onto stagnant energies of unprocessed emotions & traumas it can manifest as dis-ease within your body, energy & life. Freeing up the roots of these stagnant energies makes conscious space for processing & integrating so you can restore your vital life-force energy.

A wellspring of creativity, power and the basis of self love resides with the temple of your root space. In truth, most women have experienced trauma that may still be residing within their bodies & impacting their lives.

In this series, we utilize self care practices to support you in reclaiming your sovereignty & rewriting the script from the inside out.

Utilizing the medicine of your voice, touch, breath & movement, you will shed stories living within the cells of your body.

On this journey, you will be held safely in trauma-informed container as you journey through the emotional processes that arise. In this way, you are transmuting pain into power to move forward in your life with embodiment practices to support you through life's challenges.

Root to rise is for the woman who wants to...

deepen her connection with her entire physical, emotional & spiritual bodies

learn self care/self love embodiment practices that will support her through the ebbs & flows of womanhood.

fully embrace the power of the feminine held with the depths of her DNA

shed emotions & stories that are holding her back from her fullest expression as a woman

amplify her compassion & vitality from the wellspring of authentic love that runs within her

Reclaim her embodied sovereignty

If you feel this is you body, in your heart & in your womb, the Root to Rise journey is for you!

Pink Flower

Within this journey you'll receive

Weekly 2 hour live classes with recordings

1 lb of ceremonial grade Peruvian cacao

Explorations & practices to support your integration through the week

Tools to process the emotions stored within your body's cellular memory

Connection with an intimate group of women on the ROOT TO RISE journey with you

Recordings of all guided meditations & practices to continue nourishing your self practices


the weekly flow

Week One
Together we ROOT

Opening cacao ceremony
Invocation of the elements

Week Two
Together we EMBODY

Vocal activation & toning
Somatic education
Embodying your authentic "yes" & "no"

Week Three
Together we AWAKEN

Experiential, elemental pelvic anatomy
Yoni yoga nidra
Intuitive pelvis drawing

Week Four
Together we EXPAND

Heart opening vocal toning
Breast massage
Heart dance
Creative writing exercise

Week Five
Together we REWILD

Pelvic voice activation & toning
Guided pelvic massage

Week Six
Together we INTEGRATE

Integration Cacao Ceremony
Authentic Movement
Sacred Witnessing

Week Seven
Together we ALCHEMIZE

Embodying your pelvic voice
The medicine of grief & gratitude
Story Alchemy

Week Eight
Together we RISE

Self-reflection & sharing
Embodying your prayers
Sacred celebration

Begins Sunday, April 3rd
Is your root calling you home?

Investment of


Early bird price of $777 when you sign up before March 8th

*Payment plans available! Set one up here*

**2 scholarship opportunities available @ 50% off**

Apply Here

Allow this YES to be a sacred one. Feel your body, feel your womb.

Play your favourite song & dance in celebration to you!

This YES is the beginning of your sacred journey through you.

Meet our co-facilitatress

Hayley Shannon

Hayley Shannon (she/her) is a dance healer on a life-long exploration of liberating her authentic nature. Hayley grew up dancing in a traditional Western setting that allowed her to find reprise from depression and anxiety. It wasn’t until 2016 during her career as a professional modern dancer and educator that she had her first embodied healing break-through while studying dance/movement therapy in Greece.

From then on, she devoted herself to exploring the body’s incredible capacity to heal and liberate from within using the arts. She believes this ancient technology is being remembered through our intuitive nature and she is honored to facilitate spaces for people of all experiences to rediscover their wholeness.

Hayley’s heart guided her to study embodied consciousness meditation with Sono Hashisaki in Seattle, WA and expressive arts therapy at Tamalpa Institute, CA. Through her personal healing experiences of metabolizing trauma and freeing life-force energy using meditation and embodied arts, she continues to transform into a more whole version of herself. These vital experiences stoke Hayley’s passion for sharing embodied healing practices in an accessible way.

Hayley currently lives on in island in the Pacific Northwest, USA sharing Dance Healing everywhere she goes and learning how to live in a more regenerative connection with the Earth. She thanks her Celtic roots and relationship with Earth as teacher, friend and guide as she dances on her path of rewilding.


we're so excited to begin this journey with you!

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