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Digital Alchemy

A transformative, all-in-one course to help you create & expand your profitable online business


I started my online business 3 years ago to help earn an extra income for my family from home.

I was sooo overwhelmed by all there was to learn about the digital world.

I was scratching my head at all the terms like SEO, ChatGPT, automations, email lists, funnels etc.

I spent hours Googling and YouTubing all there was to know about creating a profitable online business.

& am still learning everyday.

I did the bare minimums to create my website and start booking clients, but I didn't know anything about marketing, branding, content strategy etc.

I spent hours learning through trial and error how to set up my website, book clients, create email lists.

& now I've found A course that is holding my hand through it ALL,

literally step-by-step guided videos.

If this experience is relatable for you, Digital Alchemy could save you hours of time learning, and could bring ease to your online business, just like it is doing for me!


What is Digital Alchemy?

Digital Alchemy is a journey of empowerment, creativity and success tailored to your needs as an online entrepreneur.

Whether you're just starting your onl
ine business or are ready to scale your current platform to the next level, Digital Alchemy's 10 modules full of step-by-step videos will help you unlock the power of digital tools and transform them into a powerful, thriving online presence.. all while maintaining a balanced work-life, rest-life.

It's a huge opportunity to learn the skills to build that side hustle, earn some passive income & expand your online business

Work less, live more. Am I right?

Within this course you gain access to

  • a rapidly expanding community of entrepreneurs from all skill levels

  • the downloadable library of step-by-step videos that are updated as technology advances

  • chat thread with answers to probably every question you have & people to answer your questions on the spot

  • weekly training calls with expert entrepreneurs

  • Master Resell Rights to sell this exact course for 100% profit

  • All the need-to-knows to launch your website, digital products and start making some passive income

  • Lifetime access to course content and all future update


“Believing and investing in yourself is the best way to shift your thinking from a paradigm of excuses to one of the solutions.”

- Farshad Asl

What to expect..

Learn how to weave your passions, skills and online tools to create a compelling online presence.

Transform your digital leads into loyal clients using connective and effective marketing strategies customized to your unique offerings.

Expand your knowledge on the magic of social media marketing and harness it to connect with your audience on an authentic level.

Master the art of balancing your business aspirations with your family commitments so you can nurture both with ease.

Cultivate a success-oriented mindset, over-come self doubt, and tap into your inner reserve of confidence and creativity.


I'm walking along side you

I quit my job as a Registered Nurse in 2020 and started my online platform not knowing its true potential. I've felt overwhelmed by the depths of the online world and digital marketing for a long time.

I have a journal full of ideas for online offerings, but between 'imposter syndrome" and not knowing where to even begin learning the ways of digital products, I haven't brought them into physical reality.

Now as a new mother, I have less time to myself to create, but with the support of this course my focus is dialed in. Like laser focused. I have the guidance to move forward on projects without feeling overwhelmed and I have the backing of community support that comes with it.

I truly believe that every single person has medicine to share, and the only thing stopping us from doing so is ourselves. Whether its over-coming the fear of being seen, fear of failure, self doubt, or whatever story is on repeat in your head, remember,


I've been there. And i think every entrepreneur would be lying if they said they never had to overcome self doubt.

If you're like me and ready to get out of your own way, 

join me on this learning journey!

A glimpse of what's inside

What you will learn:

Intro to Digital Marketing

Gain a foundational understanding of business and digital marketing, grasp essential business principles, delve into management and strategic concepts, and discover their practical applications within the realm of digital marketing or any other business domain

Email Marketing

Discover the foundational principles and optimal strategies for successful email marketing. Uncover the art of crafting engaging and conversion-driven email campaigns, including discussions on email layout, audience segmentation, automation, personalized content, and the evaluation of analytics.

Content Strategy
Tailored to instruct you on the creation and implementation of an all-encompassing content strategy. Acquire the skills needed to identify your specific audience, produce engaging content that deeply connects with them, and effectively disseminate this content across various channels and platforms.

Marketing Platforms
Crafted to educate you on the art of harnessing diverse social media platforms for efficient business marketing. Acquire proficiency in crafting captivating content tailored for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube. Additionally, delve into tactics for cultivating a dedicated following, enhancing engagement, and channeling increased traffic to your website.

Brand Expansion
Gain the expertise to formulate and execute a robust brand strategy for your business. Dive into the foundational aspects of branding, which encompass crafting a distinctive brand identity, cultivating a brand voice and persona, and establishing a resilient brand reputation.

Affiliate Marketing
Explore the core principles of affiliate marketing, understanding how to select profitable partners and optimize commission structures. Explore effective strategies for promoting affiliate products, including content creation and audience targeting, and master the art of tracking and analyzing campaign performance, empowering you to excel in the world of affiliate marketing.

Chat GPT Masterclass
Explore the possibilities of harnessing artificial intelligence and language processing through a ChatGPT Masterclass. This module is meticulously crafted to equip you with essential knowledge and practical skills, enabling you to leverage ChatGPT effectively across all facets of your life.

Google Productivity Hacks
Acquire priceless tips and techniques for optimizing your workflow through Google's robust toolkit. Whether you're working with Gmail, Google Drive, Sheets, Docs, or other offerings, our Productivity Hacks will equip you to navigate these platforms effortlessly.

Business Tools
Discover a diverse array of tools and technologies designed to enhance your operational efficiency and effectiveness.  Learn a wide spectrum of business applications, encompassing project management software, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, financial management software, and marketing automation platforms.

Ultimate Content Vault
Within the confines of the Ultimate Content Vault, you'll unearth a treasure trove of inspiration readily available at your disposal. Awaken your creative prowess with an extensive array of blog post concepts, prompts for social media, video ideas, and a multitude of other resources.


When you purchase Digital Alchemy you gain access to Workflow Co, a community of women who have also purchased this course and are on the same journey of expanding their brands!

This community provides you with the ultimate group of cheerleaders to celebrate you every step of the way.

We're in this to celebrate, inspire & collaberate every step of the way.

This is abundance for all based business. & we're all so here for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Master Resell Rights?

Master Resell Rights (MRR) is a type of licensing agreement that allows individuals or businesses to not only sell a product but also grant their customers the right to resell that product. This means that MRR holders can sell the product to others and keep, in this case 100% of the profits.

I know it may feel intimidating to take the leap & invest in this opportunity. Especially with the "too good to be true" feeling of the Master Resell Rights that come with the course.

I saw women advertising this course for over a month before I took the leap. It took having a conversation with a sister I trust who dove head first into the course before I got out of my head and sent her the $$.

If you're feeling unsure, have questions you want answered or need some support talking through your concerns, I'm here for you.

Send me a message!

That's what this community is ALL about!

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