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A Wombyn's Way

1:1 Mentorships

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She lives within the Earth’s fertile soil, dances in the space between stars.

She sings in the whispers of the winds & weaves the web of all life.

She is the current of the serpentine rivers, the blossoming of wild flower meadows.

She is the shimmering light of the moon, the spiralling of the opening rose, & the untameable burning fire. 

She’s the howl of the wolf, and song of the birds.

She breathes life through the trees, the ebb and flow of the seas.

She runs through the mycelium beneath our feet, & rests in the still silence between each breath.

She frolics in the falling winter flakes, swims in every falling drop of rain.

She is the dimensions beyond time, a bridge between worlds.

She births life and ends it too, the great mysteries of life.

She is the inner compass, 

Great wisdom keeper,

Cosmic stargate.

She is the Womb. 

As women, we move through many Rites of Passage in our lives that require the support of our sisters & our community. From menarche, through maidenhood, motherhood into our crone years. Each stage of lives, our minds, bodies, & spirits are shape-shifting with the wax & wane of the moon. Within these stages of womanhood lies wisdom within the body that is being awoken & embodied.

Each stage of womanhood also comes with her unique initiations. It is within my own initiations, where I was brought to my knees in awe of the wisdom carried within my own body & the power of our own hands, breath & awareness to bring ourselves back into balance. Now, I pray to hold the torch of light for you as you move through the depths of yourself & remember the wisdom of your body.

Whether you are seeking support while coming into harmony with your moon cycle, trying to conceive, traversing your postpartum transition or moving through an initiation of dis-ease within your womb, I am here to hold you. I am here to witness you & support you in these sacred times.

Schedule a FREE 30 minute connection call to meet me, & explore the many ways in which we could work together!


When i was 16 i was put on birth control…


Not because I was overly sexually active, but because I was experiencing extremely painful bleeds.

Instead of recognizing this as a cry from my womb, a potent message that something was out of balance and needed shifting, it was viewed as a “normal” occurrence for a teenage woman.


How is that normal?


Instead of diving deeper into finding the root cause, I was put on synthetic hormones to alter my body & my cycle.


Without knowing fully as a 16 year old how this would actually affect my body, my womb, my bones, my fertility…


I was on birth control for 9 years.. 


9 years of suppressing my wombs magic. 9 years of suppressing her voice. 9 years without a true bleed. 9 years of pushing down my wild feminine nature.


How is this considered healthcare? How is this considered medicine?

When I made the decision to remove birth control from my life , i decided to take back my power as a woman.


I decided to release the expectations placed upon me as a woman.


I decided to release the shame of womanhood.


I decided to remember the wisdom of my blood.


I decided to uncage the wild woman inside.


I decided to set my womb free.


I decided to allow my body to be my guide & I remembered how to trust her.

There is so much medicine within a woman taking back her power, taking back responsibility for her health & embodying her sovereignty as a woman.

This is a decision that ripples outwards in every aspect of your life. It affects your ancestors & the future generations of your lineage. It affects every woman you have a relationship with. It affects the way you see the world. And most importantly it affects the way you see yourself.

When you reclaim your health as a woman, you remove yourself from a system that desperately needs you to rely on them. You bring the power to heal back into your own hands. 

No body knows your body better than you do. Your body is not a textbook for someone else to study & recite to you. Your body is a living, breathing being, with unique subtleties that only YOU, the one living in her, knows & understands.

This is an invitation to explore parts of your body you may not understand or be in relation with yet.

Image by Annie Spratt

Imagine a woman who is unwavering in her trust in herself.


A woman who knows the entire universe resides inside of her.


A woman who is so deeply in love with her self that external projections are irrelevant.


Imagine a woman who is rooted in the knowledge of her body.


A woman who honours every ebb & flow of the moments passing through.


A woman who surrenders to the ceremony of life.


Imagine a woman who drops to her knees in reverence for the magic of life.


A woman who makes love to the Divine with each inhalation.


A woman who holds space for her self in the spirals of light & dark.


Imagine a woman holding the torch, a pathway for other women to step into.


A woman who is dedicated to the wellbeing of her sisters.


A woman who understands that we are all one.


Imagine a woman whose love for life burns so fierce that nothing can stop her.


A woman whose strength is that of the mountains.


A woman who came to Earth in these times because the mere medicine of her presence is needed now.


Now imagine this woman as YOU,


Because she is you.

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