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I am deeply honoured to welcome you to A Wombyn's Way.

This is a portal back to the womb & the wild feminine within.

This is a space to feel safe in being seen, heard & understood.

A space you can come to learn, heal & feel supported.

A space to curate love & acceptance. And a space to support the birth, death & rebirth of the wombyn of the Earth.

I focus on aligning with the medicine of the womb & how you relate to being a wombyn in this life to cultivate overall wellness in your mind body & spirit.

Through education, support, and hands on healing, my prayer is that while receiving this medicine, you are able to harness true wellness through radically embodying the magic of being a wombyn.

 With a wide open heart, I welcome you & thank you for being here.

Many blessings!



Root to Rise
A Wild Woman Exploration 

Join Hayley Shannon & I in this 8-week embodiment journey into your feminine matrix. We will work with the medicine of the pelvis, the nervous system, the voice & the heart to invoke deep presence & healing within your experience(s) of womanhood.  

Root to rise-5.png
Image by Ray Hennessy

A Wombyn's Way
1:1 Women's Support

Work with me in a 1:1 container shaped around your specific intentions & desires as a woman.
Whether you are seeking support with moon cycle education, menstrual irregularities, conscious conception, fertility, postpartum support or transition into your crone years, together we will create a container unique to your current experiences as a woman.

A 5-week online educational series combining the ancient traditional postpartum teachings with women's physiological design to plan for a nourished & community supported postpartum journey.

INNATE Postpartum Care
Planning for the 4th Trimester

Image by Ava Sol

Well Wombyn's
Holistic Root Care

Hands on bodywork & energy healing designed to bring balance within your pelvis to support you as you walk through the journey of womb & pelvic healing. Using Holistic Pelvic Care & Vaginal Steaming, we will work together to restore balance in your entire body.


A Little About Me


My name is Jessica Howard, and I am a daughter of the Earth walking a path of remembering, reawakening & reclaiming the WILD WOMBAN within. Through my own life initiations I have experienced the importance of taking responsibility for my own healing journey. Within the deep process of cultivating self-love and healing practices for myself, I've witnessed the true power of falling back in love with myself and coming home to my heart, pelvis & womb space. I hold a deep knowing within that this medicine is essential to share with other women.


My 2 year career as a registered nurse specializing in labor birth & postpartum opened my eyes to the lack of true understanding and support of women’s bodies. My deepening desire to support the wisdom of women’s physiological design led me to quit my corporate nursing career to walk beside women as they return to love & trust in their bodies. I am a Certified INNATE Postpartum Care provider & a Holistic Pelvic Care practitioner. Specializing in heart, womb & pelvic alchemy, my practice is rooted in education, ritual & honour of the life/death cycles of women. Focusing on the lunar cycle and sacred transitions of pregnancy, birth & postpartum, my deepest passion lies in supporting women in remembering their innate wisdom & awakening the wild woman as they descend & birth themselves anew.


I find true joy and spiritual support through my deep connection with Mother Earth and all of her creations. Time in nature, for me, is a space for sacred connection and reflection from the Divine. Whether tending her lands, sitting by a river, or walking barefoot through the forest, Mother Earth has always been my greatest teacher. With this, my prayer is to support women in cultivating a life in wellness, reverence and harmonious connection with their bodies & the Earth.

With so much love & gratitude,



Thanks for connecting!

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