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INNATE Postpartum Care
Planning for the Fourth Trimester Course

Join me in a community of expecting mothers for a postpartum education course rooted in the physiology of the mother. This course is designed to help you prepare yourself for a nourished & community supported postpartum journey.

Next cohort begins January 22nd!


Mother Breastfeeding Baby

"When mothers are healthy and well, so then are their families. When families are health and well, so then is the community. Health and well communities are the best way we can responsibly tend to the health of Mother Earth."

-Rachelle Garcia Seliga


You are nestled within the chrysalis of your pregnancy. Surrendering to the growth of your baby, your body & your spirit. 


This is a space of deep transformation as you prepare to enter the portal of birth to bring your baby Earthside.


Once you are on the other side of birth and have entered the initial seconds, days, & months of your postpartum journey, it is essential to your health that you are supported. It is essential to your baby’s health that you are supported.

Postpartum planning is essential to women’s health. Ancient traditions around the world recognize the first 6 weeks postpartum as a sacred window, requiring increased support from the community to maintain health & prevent dis-ease in the newborn mother-baby dyad.

Postpartum planning is preventative medicine. By prioritizing your care and support in the postpartum time, you are decreasing your risk of perinatal mood disorders, including anxiety & depression, thyroid disfunction, autoimmune diseases, microbiome disruptions, organ prolapse and many more common but not normal irregularities in women.

"I was given the opportunity to take this course from Jess to prepare for my transition into motherhood. This was such a great experience to indulge in to help process & prepare for the journey ahead. It has also been a useful resource to reflect back to now that I am walking the path of motherhood. This course holds so much wisdom, resources & helpful tools to prepare for the postpartum journey. Jess is honestly gifted with how she shares this knowledge. I truly recommend investing in this course, as there is something everyone can take from this. As Jess continued to remind me, "everything i have shared with you is already INSIDE you. You are remembering your own inner wisdom." 


(4 months postpartum)

In this 5 class series, we will explore the wisdom passed through Rachelle Garcia Seliga regarding the physiological explanation behind the 5 essential to postpartum care:

  • An extended resting period to protect the vulnerable tissues within your pelvis & womb.

  • The importance of warm, nutrient dense food to encourage healing, support breastmilk production & your mental health.

  • Warming rituals to balance excess vata dosha, encourage healthy digestion, support your healing & increase oxytocin.

  • Bodywork & Ceremony to bring honour to your journey, integrate your birth, support your mental health & encourage healing of your physical body.

  • The foundation of community to provide & support the other 4 essentials for you.

Within this container you will...

  • Gather within a community of expecting mothers & their families to weave the ancient wisdom of physiologic postpartum care into your life.

  • Gain understanding of the necessity of postpartum care.

  • Learn the 5 essentials of postpartum care & how to incorporate them into your postpartum healing journey.

  • Have support as you create a postpartum plan that is rooted in this wisdom & unique to your family system.

  • Lower your risk of postpartum mood disorders (depression, anxiety, rage etc). because postpartum care is preventative medicine.

  • Learn how to properly nourish your postpartum body with supportive foods.

  • Learn self care practices to promote healing of your physical & emotional body.

  • Receive a list of resources to support you in your postpartum healing.

Mother and Baby

This course is for you if:

  • You are nestled within the gestational journey of motherhood.

  • You are interested in learning the best ways to support your physical & emotional health for postpartum wellness.

  • You are wanting to THRIVE not just survive in your postpartum period.

  • You are looking for guidance in creating your postpartum plan.

  • You want to experience a postpartum supported by the community around you.

INNATE Postpartum Care 

Planning for the Fourth Trimester 

Curriculum Breakdown

Week One

Introduction to INNATE Postpartum Care

Traditional postpartum care vs. modern postpartum care

Mind-body health through physiological care

Perinatal mood disorders explored

Week Two
Exploration of the first 2 essentials of postpartum care:

An extended resting period
Warming Practices
Supportive nutrition 

Week Three
Exploration of the 3rd & 4th essentials of postpartum care:

The foundation of community support

Week Four
Exploration of the 5th essential of postpartum care: Community Support
Integration by building a postpartum plan unique to you & your family.

Week Five
Honouring the Rite of Passage
Class five will take place AFTER every mother within the cohort has reached 6 weeks postpartum.
We will bring honour to your journey of birth & close this sacred container.

Course Investment


**Payment plans of 4, 8 & 12 weeks available here

The classes will not be recorded, and it is strongly encouraged for both you, your partner (or main support person) & your support system to attend all classes, so you, the mother can focus on integrating the wisdom rather than educating your support system.

This series is designed to be taken by pregnant women, anywhere between 20ish-35 weeks gestation. Again, it is highly encouraged that your support system attends the classes as well.

This class series is NOT designed for doulas, midwives or other maternal healthcare providers. If you are seeking this wisdom to share with women, I invited you to explore Rachelle's INNATE Postpartum Care Certification Training. 

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