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Well Wombyn's

Holistic Root Care

"The female body deserves more care; in order to receive more care, women must understand the language of the body. Modern women are carrying chronic tension in the pelvis that interferes with physical and energetic flow in the whole female body. By learning to pay attention to her own root patterns, a woman can enhance the flow in her core."

-Wild Feminine by Tami Kent

Most pelvic imbalances in women are related to stagnation in their energetic flow to the pelvis, and can present physically in many different ways.

My Wombyn’s Root Wellness work supports women in bringing the energies within their pelvic bowl into harmony to support their physical, energetic, mental & spiritual health. 


Using a blend of education, Holistic Pelvic Care techniques, fascial work, herbal yoni steaming, and energy work, I support women through the process of coming back into harmonic relation within their pelvis. To release the fears, traumas, shame & tension they are holding within the tissues of their root.

Well Wombyn's Holistic Root Care could be beneficial to you if you experience any of the following common root symptoms:



  • irregular/painful menstruation 

  • irregular/painful ovulation

  • organ prolaps

  • postpartum imbalances

  • PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis

  • frequent urinary tract infections

  • urinary/fecal incontinence 

  • pelvic/low back pain

  • difficult menopause

  • PMS

  • infertility

  • painful intercourse

  • decreased libido

  • decreased creativity

  • pelvic stagnation, congestion & numbness


or if you are seeking support with any of the following 

  • balanced pelvic musculature & engagement

  • womb health & alignment

  • postpartum healing

  • healing from past pelvic trauma

  • pregnancy preperation

  • healing from miscarriage or abortion 

  • increase sensation

  • support sexual health

  • increase ability to listen to intuition

  • support menopausal transition 

  • restore presence in the root

  • establish/maintain energetic boundaries

  • reconnect to the wild feminine within

  • rekindle creative fire

I support women in opening up their pelvic bowls, to open up their true creative potential as a woman. 

1st in person session(2hrs) 

Includes thorough woman's health review, education, hands on/hands in body & energy work and self care plan 

Investment of $175

Subsequent in person sessions (1 hr 15 minutes)

Includes health mentorship & education, hands on/hands in body & energy work and a self care plan

Investment of $125

ONLINE group Root Awakening class (2.5 hours)

Includes pelvic anatomy & energy education followed by a guided self yoni mapping journey.

Investment of $111

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