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Planning for the 4th Trimester - Jan 22

Educational class series supporting mothers in postpartum preparation.

  • Ended
  • 333 US dollars
  • Online


Postpartum care is preventative medicine! In this 5 class educational series we will explore the necessity of physiological postpartum care & how to prepare yourself as an upcoming new mother for a supported postpartum period. Using this education, we will work together to create a postpartum plan that is unique and suitable for you and your family to provide you with a supported & nourished postpartum transition. Birthed from the wisdom passed down through Rachelle Garcia Seliga & her mentors, this class series is designed to reawaken the wisdom living within women. Together we will remember the ancient practices of traditions from around the world and how they supported mothers through their postpartum time to provide a nourished foundation to mother from. This class series is rooted in the foundation & physiological explanations behind the 5 essentials of postpartum care: 1. An extended resting period to protect the vulnerable tissues within your pelvis & womb. 2. The importance of warm, nutrient dense food to encourage healing, support breastmilk production & your mental health. 3. Warming rituals to balance excess vata dosha, encourage healthy digestion, support your healing & increase oxytocin. 4. Bodywork & Ceremony to bring honour to your journey, integrate your birth, support your mental health & encourage healing of your physical body. 5. The foundation of community to provide & support the other 4 essentials for you. We will explore how the health & wellbeing as you, the mother, affects the health & wellbeing of your baby, your family & your entire community. We will meet online within a community of expecting mothers & their support systems. The first 4 classes will take place Sunday Evenings @ 5pm CST BEGINING November 27th. You will receive a bonus 1:1 sessions with me that will take place sometime in your prenatal time. Within this session we will discuss specifics of your postpartum desires, fears, hesitations etc. to ensure that you are feeling supported moving into this transition. The 5th class is 1:1 & will take place in your postpartum period to give you the opportunity to receive support & be witnessed in this sacred time. With the knowledge from this class, my prayer is that you remember the innate wisdom within the physiological design of the woman, and feel supported in the process of preparing for your postpartum transition. Early Bird pricing if you sign up before February 14th!

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