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Nurturing You: A Holistic & Ritualist Guide to Postpartum Wellness is a digital guide to support women in preparing and actualizing a nourishing and supportive postpartum.


The prayer behind this guide is one rooted in support for mothers. This guide is designed to help ground a mother in preparing for her postpartum, whether she is a first time mom or has journeyed through the gates of postpartum many times before.

Nurturing YOU: A Holistic & Ritualistic Guide to Postpartum Wellness

  • What's Inside

    A collection of

    20 nervous system nurturing practices/rituals

    20 nourishing recipes

    Resources for further postpartum education & support

    Postpartum preperation checklist

    20 integrative journal questions.


    This book is a grounding tool for your postpartum planning and designed to nourish the new mother's mind, body & spirit.

    May this book be a support for you as you navigate the journey into motherhood, or motherhood again.


    Blessings on your journey.


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