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May Village Prenatal

A circle for women in the motherhood continuum, from pre conception and beyond!

  • By donation
  • Oak Park Shelter #10 (by the beach volleyball court)


This is a women's circle dedicated to the continuum of motherhood. This is a safe space for women within the child bearing spectrum to come for support, guidance, witnessing and love. This space is for any woman who is currently pregnant, trying to conceive, planning for future conception, postpartum, walking the path of motherhood, in their crone years, or women who have a deep prayer for supporting women through mothering. In this monthly circle, we will discuss all things motherhood with varying topics month to month ranging from conscious conception, birth preparation, postpartum preparation, rituals for motherhoods etc. This is a safe space for women to gather to be held by one another. This circle is designed to cultivate a supportive foundation of sisterhood to lean upon. If you are a woman seeking community around the beauties and initiations of motherhood, then this space is for you. I hope to see you join!

Upcoming Classes

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