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Dates for the 1st cohort will be announced soon!

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"As women, we have rites of passages built into our physiologic design. Our work is to remember & honour these rites"

-Rachelle Garcia Seliga

You are nestled within the chrysalis of your pregnancy. Surrendering to the growth of your baby, your body & your spirit. 


This is a space of deep transformation as you prepare to enter the portal of birth to bring your baby Earthside.

Once you are on the other side of birth and have entered the initial seconds, days, & months of your postpartum journey, it is essential to your health that you are supported. It is essential to your baby’s health that you are supported.

Join me in this 6 week group online mentorship, where we will explore how you can take your postpartum care into your own hands by preparing NOW, before you enter the postpartum journey!


We will dive into the wisdom of postpartum care & preparation based on the 5 essential pillars of postpartum care: NOURISHMENT, WARMTH, REST, COMMUNITY & CEREMONY!

Postpartum care is apart of our physiological design as women. My intention is to support you in remembering this innate wisdom within your body.

This is a 6 week deep dive into creating your postpartum sanctuary. We will meet every Sunday for 6 weeks, gathering as a group online via Zoom to help build a community of mothers. 

Each week we will explore one pillar to its depths, leaving you with a remembrance of your physiological design as a woman, & a list of activities that you and your partner can do to physically prepare for the pillars of postpartum care.

Week 1 -- Opening

This is an introductory week to build an understanding of the history of postpartum care, & the importance of postpartum care. This week we will explore:

  • Western medicine & Ayurvedic ideologies of postpartum

  • The hormones of the postpartum period

  • Normal vs. common physiological experiences of postpartum

  • How a supported & nourished mother effects the health of the newborn

Week 2 -- Nourishment

This week we will move into the medicine of the food you eat postpartum. We will explore the:

  • Physiological changes to the GI system during pregnancy, labor, birth & postpartum

  • 4 qualities of a supportive postpartum meal

  • Importance of fats

  • Meals to promote healing

  • Foods to consider avoiding during postpartum

  • Sample postpartum grocery list

  • 10 activities to help you prepare for a nourishing postpartum!

Week 3 -- Warmth

Known for its powerful ability to build strength & resiliency for long-term health, warmth is an ancestral postpartum medicine, positively supporting both mother and baby to heal and integrate their birthing experience. This week we will explore:

  • Physiology of warmth vs. cold

  • 4 ways we lose heat from the body

  • Importance of warmth for a postpartum mother

  • Importance of warmth for the newborn.

  • Practices, with detailed instructions, to promote warmth in your postpartum period.

  • List of beneficial herbs to promote healing postpartum.

  • 9 activities to help you prepare for your warm postpartum!

Week 4 -- Rest

Many cultures around the world have a “lying in period”, or extended postpartum resting period. By allowing the body to rest, it is then able to focus its energy on the healing process. This week we will explore:

  • Physiology of the postpartum womb, pelvis & entire body

  • Breath work to promote postpartum healing

  • Exercise...what to do/not do & when to start

  • Diastasis Recti

  • Castor oil packs

  • Importance of skin-to-skin for you & your baby

  • Belly binding practice

  • 6 activities to prepare you for a restful postpartum

Week 5 -- Ceremony

Life, birth & death are all apart of the initiation into motherhood. Making space for ceremony within your postpartum, is bringing honour to the deep transformation that you've gone through. This week we will dive into:

  • The stages of a rite of passage

  • Rites of passage of the woman

  • Ceremony as an ancestral remembrance

  • Closing of the bones ceremony

  • Placenta ceremonies

  • Elemental ceremonies

Week 6 -- Community & Closing

In order for you to nourish and support the future generation, you yourself need to be nourished & supported by the community surrounding you. This week we will explore:

  • The harmful archetype of "super mom!"

  • The importance of community support for you & your baby

  • Your baby's needs vs. release cry & how to support them

  • Your nervous system's response to stress

  • Choosing your community support

  • Different ways your community members can support you in postpartum

  • 4 activities to help you prepare for a supported postpartum.

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