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Root to Rise

A journey through the feminine to somatically connect with your Root.

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Your root is the base of your power and a portal to your Feminine magic. When we are in touch with our root and energy is able to flow freely, we feel safe, confident and cared for. When our root holds onto stagnant energy physically, we also experience stagnant emotions and stories that cause dis-ease in other areas of our energy and life. When we free up our root and have a conscious space for processing and integrating, we restore our aliveness and authenticity that affects all parts of our being. We are so passionate about connecting deeply with your root because here lies a wellspring of creativity, power and the basis of self love. In truth, most women have experienced trauma and for many of us, there is impact still being held in our root or pelvis. In mainstream culture it is still taboo to touch yourself, even for healing, and we are consistently given the message that the authority of our bodies comes from outside of ourselves. In this series, we are reclaiming our sovereignty and rewriting the script from the inside out. You are guided in a self internal pelvic massage that will bring you into direct contact with energy that is held in your fascia. With your breath and touch, you learn how to release this energy from your physical body. When we open up our physical body in new ways to release old and potentially traumatic content, it is essential that we are in a safe space being held with trauma-informed facilitators and practices for nervous system resiliency, embodied processing and re-integration. Hayley Shannon weaves Dance Healing practices to create the environment for healing including resourcing your nervous system and practices to process content that arises from our past in a creative and empowering way. Using breath, touch, sounding and movement we support our body-heart-mind and spirit to release what no longer serves you and transmute pain into your power.

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